March 5, 2009

How to Post VBA Code on Blogger

  1. Prerequisite:
  2. Textpad
  3. Setup Instructions
  4. Download the syntax file for VB code from the following location. Follow the installation instructions and create a new documnet class for *.vba files.
  5. Ready to put code on your blog
    1. In order to post code save it as a .vba text file.
    2. Open the file using Textpad.
    3. Check that you are happpy with the syntax highlighting.
    4. Select the code you are intreested in copying.
    5. From the context menu select "Copy Other" -> "As a HTML page".
    6. Paste the contents in another text file.
    7. You need to copy the CSS elements to your template - This needs to be done only once.
    8. Copy the area from <pre> and paste it in blog "Edit Html".
Another way of doing syntax highlighting is explained in Fahd' blog

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